Water Pond Renovation

To increase storage potential and reducing tank water loss;also protecting the tank ecosystem

Why Renovation

Kalagonda is of the key seed production village in Haveri (Karnataka) and had associated with the farmers of this village for 25 years. This village has around eight hundred population and most of the families are engaged in seed production. The farmers requested Syngenta for the support to renovate a small water pond which is available nearby the village road.

The villagers tried to maintain the pond clean without proper essential facilities. This has been used for multi-purpose – washing cloth & utensils, taking bath, water for livestock, etc. But it doesn’t have proper facilities like rainwater inlet with silt filter, natural purification, barricade, approaching path entry gate, water evaporate control (trees). In addition, this is the best place for birds and local aquatic animals. This project will be very helpful to restore this pond and convert it to the best resource for the village.

Project Outcomes

This will help to restore the water pond with filtered rainwater collection and also to maintain a good ecosystem.The Barricading will ensure the good sanitation surrounding the pond and clean water can be maintained in it. So the water will be utilised for multipurpose. In addition this also helps to rejuvenate the underground water and recharge the wells nearby.

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