Rural market at irkalgada

Supported by Syngenta India Ltd, under its Social Responsibility Initiative, NABARD and Dept of Horticulture (Z.P)-Koppal

Inaugural ceremony by Agriculture Minister

Rural Market in Irakalgada

The rural market in Irakalgada has been a part of the village community for a long time. The absence of a roof or shade over the market was causing many issues. Traders were very uncomfortable working under the scorching sun, with an average temperature of 35 degrees and soaring up to 42 degrees in the summer. Further, no roof over the market prevented potential major transactions and late evening trades.  The proposed structures once completed, would address the above issues, and cater to nearly 100+ agricultural traders and farmers, and 1000+ buyers from Irakalgada and surrounding villages.

Further, the current location doesn’t have any proper toilet facilities, which causes a lot of discomfort to traders and customers, and hence affects the trading hours of the market. The proposed toilet complex at the market will improve the trading experience and increase the trading hours. In addition, it will help in the maintenance of cleanliness, and reduce open defecation by a larger extent.

Goal of the Project

Before the Project

After the Project