Rural market at Hirekrur
(haveri district)

Inaguration of Vegetable Market

Karnataka Agri Minister Shri.BC Patil inaugurates state of the art vegetable market developed by Syngenta India Pvt Ltd and NABARD at Hirekerur-Haveri (Karnataka), October 12.2022 along with Mr.Susheel Kumar, Managing Director, Syngenta India Pvt Ltd, Dr KC Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Syngenta India and Mr.Mahadev Kirti, District Divisional Manager, NABARD, Karnataka

Rural Market in Hirekerur

The rural Market in Hirekerur is part of the town community since long however the absence of the roofed structure, the market has been languished behind with major transactions or the trade happen throughout the day and making the traders a very uncomfortable experience to trade right under the scorching sun with an average temperature of 37 degrees and soaring up to 45 degrees in the summer.  The proposed structures, once realized, would cater to nearly 500+ traders predominantly from the agriculture and farming productions and 10000+ buyers from various walks of life from Hirekerur and surrounding villages. 

The entire project planning was carried out in consultation with the Syngenta team and NABARD with necessary inputs from the villagers and the technical inputs, opinions of a senior civil engineer from Sarvodaya IRDS and consultation partner – Solid Base Builders and Developers.   The area required for the proposed project was 68000 sq.ft.  which was made available within the Pattana Panchayat authority and a formal NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the Pattana Panchayat was obtained for the construction of the structure.

Before the Project

After the Project