Mega Health Camp @ Chikkabaganal Sarvaodaya Elaj Smart Clinic

Biocon Foundation Bangalore, HCG NMR CANCER Centre Hubli, XINDIA Steels Ltd, Dhruvdesh Metasteals Pvt Ltd, Baba Akhila Sahi Jyoti industries pvt Ltd, Sarvaodaya IRDS Koppal jointly organised the Free Health Camp at Sarvaodaya Elaj Smart Clinic Chikkabaganal on 25.05.2024 (Saturday) at Chikkabaganal Smart Clinic.
Chief Guests Details:
1. Sri. Dr. Vikram, Biocon Foundation Bangalore
2. Sri. R V Onkar CEO & ED, Dhruvdesh Metasteals Pvt. Ltd, Chikkabaganal
3. Sri. Vijay Ummi, CFO, XINDIA Steels Ltd
4. Sri. Gurucharan HR, XINDIA STEELS PVT LTD
5. Sri. G V N Srinivas Rao, DGM, Baba Akhila Sahi Jyoti industries pvt Ltd
6. Smt. Dr. Vidya K Oncologist, HCG NMR Cancer center Hubli, 
7. Sri. Ramanna Choudki, Member, GP, Hirebaganal 
8. Sri. Rajkumar, Member, GP Hirebaganal 
9. Sri. Allahaksh, Member, GP Hirebaganal 
10. Sri. Kiran Sr. Executive Marketing, HCG NMR Cancer center Hubli
11. Sri. Shadakshari HR, DMSPL
12. SRI. Nagaraj Desai President Sarvaodaya IRDS Koppal
Guest Talk:

Sri. R V Onkar (CEO &  ED Dhruvdesh company) addressed the audience and appreciated free camp initiatives. He felt this is very helpful to rural people to educate them about health and it is very important that one must maintain fitness to lead the life happily.
Sri. Ramanna Choudki, Member GP Hirebaganal spoke and thanked Sarvaodaya for organising this event and congratulated all the Companies who have supported this noble cause.
Shri Nagraj Desai thanked  all the Dignitaries of the companies who have supported this camp for supporting this Nobel cause. He  assured that many more beneficial programs can be arranged in future for the benefit of the under privileged rural people if we get the similar support from the donors.
Project director Sarvodaya Shri Ramesh Dixit anchord the program, welcomed the guests and delivered introductory speech about Sarvaodaya & Health Camp.
Smt. Vani Koppar Sang the prayer song. 
Sarvodaya Staff, Villagers and company officials were present during the Programme

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